Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have been a very bad blogger.  Basically, I have disappeared.  The last several months have been-busy, emotional, painful, over.  We are seeing the sun again and my soul is renewed.

Which is good because life is coming fast and furious these days.  Over the next few weeks several big things are happening (at least they feel big right now...in a few months they will be trivial).

Chalk the Walk/Prom...always fun, these are the last for Andy

To Save a Life...won't elaborate here, but lots of hard life experiences for Alex and his friends in the last month.  I pray this is a hope giving event for these young kids.

Turning 40...Not really worked up about this, but it is exciting.  I am hoping this means people will stop assuming I had Anderson in high school.  The math works out correctly for an adult parenting experience, people.

Graduation...Physically prepared for the events, not sure you can be emotionally-'nuff said

(Hopefully) the sale of our home and all the ensuing cleaning, packing, strangers inspecting our "haven"

I was trying to lose 10-15 pounds by the big 4-0, but Andy gave me an hour long "talk" about the unhealthy guidelines set by a lost and superficial world and how if all the women would band together and be happy with ourselves, being ultra skinny would no longer be the standard and healthy and happy would be the norm.  (IE. in a really round about way he was saying that he likes his mom just the way she is, I'm taking it as a compliment and eating a cookie.)

There is more, but that is all I can think of for now.  If anyone needs me in the next week, I will be the 40 year old woman in the corner-clutcing a piece of chocolate- trying to hold back tearsthat she can no longer control (thank you, aging process.)

I PROMISE that there will be a blog with pictures about all the big graduation party and all the decorations/planning that went into it. I may even sneak in a blog about the pain joy of staging a home. If I had lower standards we would all be way more relaxed at our house.

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  1. You average 1 blog a month that is WAY more than I do! I appreciate your efforts!